The Photo Contest

A week or so ago I decided to enter a photo contest where the theme was “Funny”. When I read the theme I just knew I had to enter. I had the perfect picture, it cracks me up every time I look at it. I just knew it would win, it had to win. I mean I can’t look at it without laughing. Well, it didn’t win. Hahaha! Now that’s funny. It wasn’t even a finalist. It did, however, get a comment on how cute Leah was and her jacket. Of course it was a picture of Leah, she’s my model on retainer after all. 🙂
Behind the photo: A couple of years ago, we were still in Japan, Rick and I went out after church one Sunday afternoon to Kurashiki Dam to take some pictures. We had been there for a while. I was just snapping away when Leah looks up at Rick and says, “Daddy…I gotta go potty!” She had this look of desperation on her face. I didn’t know until I got home that I had captured that moment. We got home and I uploaded the pictures on my computer. Then I saw this picture and I couldn’t stop laughing. Anywho, I guess you had to be there to appreciate this picture. If you don’t get a good laugh perhaps it will at least make you smile and I’ll be happy with just that. Enjoy!

Grace and peace.


About AliasChanel

My name is Tiffany. I am a child of God, wife to Rick, and mother to Leah, London, and Lathan. I enjoy doing photography and just want to glorify Christ in all I do. I am a stay at home mom that chooses to homeschool my 5 year old, Leah while chasing my 2 year old, London and feeding my big man, Lathan (4 months). Talk about multitasking!
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3 Responses to The Photo Contest

  1. Susan says:


    I agree. This photo of Leah is absolutely adorable. You captured every emotion!

  2. Roxanne Weldon says:

    Hey Tiff,

    Praise the Lord, I love this picture!! Leah is adorable. I love your blog and I can see that God is doing awesome things in you and your families life. Love ya girl!!


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